Light for Romania" is a project started in late April. The team from Free Mioriţa performs bicycle expeditions across the country, pedaling over 6,000 miles to find people in isolated communities that still live without electricity. Later, with the help of volunteers and sponsors bringing light into their homes by installing solar panels to ensure a minimum of comfort - a light bulb for reading, an outlet to be able to charge a mobile phone, a radio or a small TV so they can have access to information.

The exhibition, taking place for the first time during Street Delivery urban festival, tries to tell this story by using a small, modernist reinterpretation of a traditional wooden house, which will enclose a series of photographs exhibited using only candle light, a direct reference to the way of life of those communities.

The installation will travel across country, to other festivals and urban events to raise awareness upon this matter among the public.   

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