LA BORCAN 2.0 / desk lamp

In a context where the little things, the small details tend to go unnoticed or receive too little attention , sometimes the necessity to return to basics arises. So was born „ la borcan” project, a game between friends who felt the need to remember what is important and most of all the need to rediscover how to play .

Romanian tradition is filled with habits of keeping the elements you consider precious, from the dowry closely guarded until the wedding day, to the simple things like  preserving pickles in a jar over winter . Likewise we need to collect our valuable , important memories and put them in storage . , ” La borcan ” is a common, functional object: a lamp , but one that offers you a special place where you can keep your memories .

For us the pleasant memories of our childhood were those when we were playing and building paper objects and for hours we were fascinated by them , discovering new ways to improve and use them. 

But we are different and the important things are different for each and everyone  so we wanted a versatile item that can accommodate any small object that represents a moment or a memory. The lamp consists of a concrete capsule covering the jar as an oversized cap , housing the bulb. The bottom of the jar keeps personal items of value, whatever they may be .

"La borcan ” is an invitation to play and relieve important memories that we want to keep and revisit sometimes.  

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