re-visiting Molinos - Faena Art Center competition entry, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our group studies the perception of the human scale, relative to our built environment, public space and monumental public art. The installations we design build environments, set-ups for the definition and contemplation of architectural and urban space, based on its foundation and historical development; these environments map our constantly shifting understanding of the classical architectural values.

“re-visiting Molinos” proposes to mould the impressive space of Sala Molinos into our main exhibit. The project aims to change the viewer’s interpretation of the room, by turning the gallery into a classical architectural structure - similar to a monumental internal courtyard of the Renaissance. “re-visiting Molinos” organically complements the structure, adding architectural elements without demolition or replacement, redrawing the space while making use of its main features: its impressive height and the arched windows.

The concept behind this installation is the physical extruding of three out of four walls of Sala Molinos using drywall partitions, the idea naturally evolving from within the generous and bright space of the room itself. The extruded walls are the ones with windows. The tubular spacesdraw attention towards the inner courtyard; they are connected to it through one or two entrances each, positioned strategically to take into account the location of the access ways. Using the room as a starting point, our architectural installation will carefully grow as it follows the seamless shapes of the existing windows and walls of the room.

Being able to literally walk through the walls of “re-visiting Molinos”, the viewer will find himself in a singular dialogue with the space. Whilst passing through the route formed by the walls’ entrances, the visitor will discover a different space each time in a cluster of new environments. Furthermore, the visitors’ interaction with the newly minted space of Sala Molinos will define the way the space is perceived and experienced. The experimental architectural structure of the “re-visiting Molinos” installation will stimulate the viewer to constantly rediscover the various perspectives of Sala Molinos. The relationship between “re-visiting Molinos” and its location will therefore be viewed as a wholesome symbiotic union as per the reconfiguration of the room, building on its main aesthetic characteristics.

The “re-visiting Molinos” installation will articulate the space of Sala Molinos according to clear architectural measurements, and by doing so it will inspire the public to compose different narratives based on their individual route throughout the space. The aim of “re-visiting Molinos” is to envision endless possibilities and to propose the contemplation of the space itself, through discourse and self-reflection.

Project team:

bogdan ciocodeica / ioana ciocan / diana rosu

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